Makhane Ka Raita (lotus Seed/ Fox Nut In Yougurt)

This is an interesting recipe and usually made during fasting season of navaratri festival. Hope this qualifies for reciep contest!

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Full fat Yogurt 2 cups (you may also use greek yogurt)
1 Cup Makhana / fox nuts
Kala Namak/ black salt to taste
Roasted cumin powder 1/2 tsp
Chaat masala 3-4 pinches (optional)
Finely Chopped green chilies 1 small
Finely Chopped coriander 3-4 tbsp
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Heat a pan and dry roast the makhanas for 2 mins till they start turning slightly brown. This will make them crunchy and crisp
Remove aside and let them cool
Take a yogurt in a large bowl add sugar and whisk till smooth
Add all the dry masalas (chaat masala, roasted cumin powder and black salt as per taste)
Give it a good mix
Then add the makhana, coriander and green chilies. Mix again well
Serve cold or at room tempreture along with khichadi or just by itself
I have not used coriander and chilies as we dont take coriander and chili during fast. But I know many families do. So feel free to spice the yougurt based on your preferance.
If you are not making this for fast, then you may spice up the curd using many other ingredients such as red chili powder, garam masala etc.