Mango Powder (amchur)

Mango powder (Amchur) -  This sour powder is made from unripe mangoes. Unripe green mangoes are dried and powdered to make amchoor powder, a tart pale beige to brownish powder used in dishes where acidity is required. It has a sour, lemony taste, with a slightly sweet edge

Mango Powder– Names in different Indian Languages.

Hindi–  Aamchur , Bengal –  Amchur, Gujrati –  Karino Powder , Punjabi –   Aamchur

Urdu –    Amchoor

Nutritional information

It contains high amount of Vitamin C and Iron.

Culinary Uses

The primary use of it is for Chutneys. It is used in soups, pastries, and in vegetarian dishes as a souring additive, as well as to samosas and relishes. It can be added to chickpeas, potatoes and eggplants. More, it is used as a dry seasoning for grilled dishes and sometimes appears in Bombay mix, the Indian version of potato chips or pretzels. Amchur is also an essential ingredient in making Chaat Masala. Chaat masala is also sprinkled on fruits,  egg toasts and regular salads in northern India and Pakistan Used in stir fried vegetable dishes, soups, curries, and to tenderize meat and poultry.  It gives any dish a tangy, sour flavor, and is the perfect substitute for lemon, tamarind or lime juice. If you are unable to find you can use a dash of lemon.In Pakistan it is often purchased in large amounts, where it is available in prepackaged form, before the Islamic month of Ramadan as different types of Chaat (especially Fruit Chaat) are prepared at sunset which is the time for


As it comes in powdered form it is usually kept in air tight containers as moisture can  make it soggy and tasteless.


It has a sour taste so it should be added in proportion with other ingredients of the recipe.