Rose Water

Rose water has a very distinctive flavour and is used heavily in Iranian cuisine Actually,   It is a byproduct which is derived during the process of distillation of rose petals and water for the production of rose oil. Thus, you can say it is basically obtained as a leftover liquid. Traditionally, damask roses are used for the production of rose water. This special kind of rose has a large number of petals.

Rose water – Names in different Indian Languages.

Hindi – Gulabjal , Bengal – Golapjal, Gujrati – Gulabjal , Punjabi – Gulabjal

Urdu – Arq e gulb

Nutitional Information

It has some essential oils. Apart from culinary uses it has been used for Skin care since ages.

Culinary Uses

 Rose water is added to provide flavor to various dishes. It is added in ‘ Biryani’ for flavor. When used in various desserts like rice pudding, cakes and sweets it gives a unique flavor to all these dishes. It is used in the preparation of different types of beverages like ‘’ Gulab Sharbet’. In some recipes, it is used as a substitute of vanilla because of its sweet smell.


Rose Water prepared at home can only be kept for 4-5 days afterwards it gets contaminated by bacteria. The commercial Rose water however has preservatives so it can be kept for longer time.


Although easily available in the market but most of the Rosewater commercially available is synthetic.