Grandmother's Pomfret Fish Curry (paplet Che Saar)

A typical Maharashtrian recipe from my mom's kitchen.

photo of paplet che saar
photo of marathi fish curry
photo of grandmother's pomfret fish curry (paplet che saar)
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Swati Mirchandani's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
20 Mins
Cooking Time: 
30 Mins


|| Ingredients for the coconut paste ||
Half grated coconut (wet)
6-8 kashmiri dry chillies for the color
8-10 garlic pieces
Coriander seeds
3-4 pepper corns
|| For the curry ||
One onion chopped
Soaked Imli / tamarind
Chilly powder
3 to 4 Fish (Pomfret or any of your choice)
Marination After cleaning fish, apply salt and little turmeric powder to fish and keep
To make the paste - Soak the coriander seeds + garlic + red chillies + pepper for a while in water to enable grind it well - In a mixie jar, mix the grated coconut + the above soaked ingredients and grind it to an absolutely fine paste.. Add water gradually as needed
To make the curry: - Heat oil in kadhai /pan - Add chopped onions - Once pinkish in color, add the paste, and cook the coconut paste for few minutes... - Once the coconut is cooked well, add water to make the curry, do not keep the curry too thick - Then drop the fish pieces into the curry and add the chilly powder and salt as per taste - Squeeze the soaked imli, and add only the imli water and not the imli pulp - Bring the curry to boil and let it boil well till the fish is cooked
Your curry is ready... Enjoy this curry with hot steaming rice
You can make this curry using Prawns as well.