अटपटी चटपटी नये फ्लेवर वाली नई स्टाइल की दाल| Kali Dal Recipe | How To Make Dal Tadka At Home

Every Indian state has its own traditionally famous dal recipes which are made using different varieties of lentils. I am using boiled Arhar dal with boiled Black check peas . Believe me, this new style humble dal can turn any meal into a Festive meal.
No wonder this is a must-have delicacies when dining at restaurants ,dhaba Dal tadka at home .
You can add your own twist to this traditional recipe. If you like to make this recipe in the authentic way you can cook the entire dish using ghee instead of using oil. This adds a wonderful flavour to your Dal . If you like the smokiness of garlic, you can dry fry some chopped garlic fry and add it to the recipe, garlic adds a nice piquant aroma and flavour to the dish.I am giving a twist to this recipe & all spices are frying in little oil than grind with roast onion which gives unique flavor to dal .This looks like kali dal.

1/2 cup - Tuvar Dal , 1 cup Boiled black checkpeas.1 - big onion, finely chopped 1 inch - ginger, grated 1 - big tomato, finely chopped 1/4 cup - coriander leaves, finely chopped 1.5 tsp - chilli powder 1 pinch - Hing 1 pinch - Haldi 1/2 cup - yogurt
Pressure cook the dal with a big piece of smashed ginger. Cook the dal on a slow fire after adjusting the water.