"इन्स्टेंट आलू के चिप्स व उसका मसाला बनाने का नया आसान तरीका "

To make the perfectly crispy potato chips easily at home. Flavored with black pepper or red chilli powder, it is perfectly spicy and seasoned for your taste buds.
It is more of a process of prepping up the potato for the perfect bath in hot oil.

Russet Potato - 1 large
Salt - 1 tsp + as needed for seasoning
Oil - For frying
Fill a bowl with water and place the potato slicer on top of the water bowl. After about 10-15 mins, remove the potato slices from the water and leave them to dry on a clean kitchen towel / paper napkins. Meanwhile heat oil for frying. Once the oil is hot, reduce the flame to medium low and drop a batch of the potato slices. Continuously keep tossing up the potato slices in the oil, until they turn slightly golden and/or crisp. Remove the chips from the oil and drain off excess oil. Before adding the next batch for frying, wait for a few mins, make sure that the oil is back hot again.