ग्वार फली की नई सब्जी पावभाजी पंच के साथ जो आपने आज तक नहीं खाई होगी । Gawar Ki Sabzi । Cluster Beans Recipe

Gawar also known as guvar in Gujarati or cluster beans in english and gawar ki phalli is a healthy vegetable. Gawar is not exactly every ones favourite. You wont find big fans of this humble & healthy vegetable. A lot of people do like this sabzi and eat it almost weekly. I myself is not a big fan of Gawar however I do enjoy it occasionally. However my dear hubby hates gawar. He has not eaten it in years before our marriage. I made my mind that I will make him eat this vegetable and finally I got succeeded with this quick & taste recipe of  gawar ki sabzi.
Cluster beans or gavarfali is native to India and is grown and consumed in almost all the states. This little green soft and tender beans contain a glyconutrients that help in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. Not many people are aware of the fact that gavar is low in glycemic index and hence, do not cause rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels when consumed. Although this is one vegetable you should include in your diet if suffering from diabetes. There are many health benefits of gawar that we are hardly aware of.
People do not like gawar because it’s slightly bitter in taste. It does not taste flavor full on its own and thus required other ingredients to lift up the curry. Therefore I make Gawar always with tomatoes and the combined taste of these vegetables are better then individual. Also I have made this Gawar phali & aloo sabzi in Maharashtrian style. I have added Garlic flavours& Pav bhaji masala which gives extra punch to this curry. Combining this two ingredients make this curry really delightful.