झटपट बनाये लाजवाव पोहा कटलेट्स | Poha Cutlet Recipe In Hindi | Snacks Recipes | Veg Poha Pakora

झटपट बनाये लाजवाव पोहा कटलेट्स | Poha Cutlet Recipe in Hindi | Snacks Recipes | Veg Poha Pakora

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Beena Yadav's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
15 min

Very Easy

1) POHA ( FLATTENED RICE) - 2 cup 2) POTATO - 3 boiled 3) CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/2 cup choppped 4) GREEN CHILLY - 2 5) GINGER - 1 Small 6) RED CHILLY POWDER - 1 tsp 7) CHAT MASALA - 1 tsp 8) SALT - To taste 9) OIL - To  fry 10) CHAT MASALA - 2 tsp ( Sprinkle
METHOD Take a bowl and add poha. Add water and wash it. Filter it through mesh. Add again water to wash and filter. Keep it in mesh for 2 min so that all water is drained. Take a bowl and smash boiled potatoes in it. Add ginger garlic paste, poha, coriander leaves, red chilly powder, chat masala and salt to taste. Mix them well and form good bonding mixture. Grease your hand with oil and take small lump from it. Roll it and give shape of small flat cutlet as you like. i have made with shape of 3 inch long oval shape. Prepare all cutlets in same way. Put a pan on gas with high flame and add oil. When oil is hot add cutlets into it. Fry them till they become golden brown in colour. Take them out in a plate and fry rest of cutlets. Serve cutlets with tomato sauce and green chutney and enjoy delicious taste.
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