पोहे का नया अंदाज स्टीम पोहा मफिन्स / Breakfast Savory Muffins / Steamed Flattened Rice Muffins .

Breakfast Muffin from Flattened Rice is a very simple and easy recipe. We all love Poha in breakfast. I have tried to give a new touch to this staple breakfast Flattened Rice recipe into Muffins. It turns out great in taste and perfect as a full breakfast or a filling snack.
Healthy Snack Recipe or Lunch Box Recipe .steamed savory Muffins are always my first choice.

Poha -1cup spoon Curd -4table Chopped potatoes -1big Onion -chopped -1 Eno -1 to taste Salt Pepper -1/4tsp Coriander leave Red chilly -1tsp Green chilli -chopped Water
First grind poha in the grinder In a bowl add poha pow three table spoon curd onion patoto salt pepper chopped kaju coriander leaves green chilly now add one cup of water and mix it well