मालपुआ बनाने का सबसे आसान सटीक तरीका | Malpua Recipe | Mawa Malpua Recipe - Rajasthani Mawa Malpua

बची हुवी चासनी से बनाये टेस्टी मालपुआ | मालपुआ बनाने का सबसे आसान सटीक तरीका | १० मिनट मे मालपुआ बनाये
Mawa Malpua Recipe - Rajasthani Mawa Malpua Recipe
How to make mawa malpua | Mawa Malpua Recipe in Hindi |

1) MAIDA / ALL PURPOSE FLOUR -1 cup 2) MILK - 2 cup 3) MAWA - 1 cup 4) COCONUT POWDER - 2 tbsp 5) CARDAMOM  - 4 powder 6) CASHEW NUT - 6 chopped 7) ALMOND - 6 chopped 8) LEFTOVER SUGAR SYRUP - 2 cup 9) SUJI ( SEMOLINA ) - 1 tsp
Take a big bowl and add maida, mawa, coconut powder, chopped cashew nuts and almonds, semolina and cardamom powder. Mix them well. Add little milk and mix well. Again add left over milk and mix well . Ensure no lumps are left over. Prepare smooth batter with help of whisker / gratter. Keep it a side to set for 15 min. After 15 min, check for it. Semolina is set now. Batter is ready with pouring consistency. Put a pan on gas with hig flame and add ghee. When ghee is hot add a drop to check . If it comes out on top immediately then it is ghee is ready. Then pour batter with help of spoon. It will take its round shape by self . Fry it from both sides for golden brown crispy. Take out in a plate and fry rest of all malpuas. Malpua can be fried in oil also but it gives very good taste if fried in ghee. Now let all fried malpuas to cool down. Then dip down malpuas in sugar juice for 2 min and take out in serving plate. Enjoy delcious crispy taste.
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