रोस्टेड पोहा चीवडा बेसन फ्लेवर के साथ एकदम नई स्टाइल से L Roasted Khatta Mitha Poha Chivda Recipe .

Roasted khatta Mitha Poha chivda...  This is my new style quick and tasty snack made from  poha (flattened rice),Roasted Besan (Gram Flour) which gives extra flavours , dry coconut, peanuts, and spices. this version of rosted khatta mitha poha chivda is made mostly during  anytime as a savory snack.
 It has the crisp texture preparing chivda is one easy task as the recipe is simple and a quick one.

2 cups thin red or white poha (aval or flattened rice) ⅓ cup peanuts (moongphali) ⅓ cup roasted chana dal (roasted bengal gram) ⅓ cup cashews (kaju) ¼ cup chopped dry coconut slices - optional 2 tablespoons golden raisins (kishmish) ⅓ cup of oil for fryin
heat a wide, thick bottomed pan or kadai with a handle. keep the flame to a low. then add 2 cups of thin poha or rice flakes in it. roast the poha. gently shake the pan so that the poha gets evenly roasted, as constant stirring with a spoon might break the poha. since they are papery, light and delicate. within 3 to 4 minutes the poha flakes will change their texture and become crisp. don't roast the poha on a high flame. since on a high flame, the poha may get browned or burned. don't brown the poha. remove the roasted poha on a plate and place aside.