Ajwain Methi Paratha (carom & Fenugreek Flavoured Indian Bread)

A classic North Indian Breakfast/ Tiffin recipe. I learnt this paratha during hostel days. My roommate's cousin used to stay close to our campus and would often bring this paratha for her. Many a times we used to roll it up carry it in our bag the whole day & have it after returning to hostel with our homemade garlic pickle. Till date I cannot forget the taste of that paratha. Whenever I make these it makes me feel super nostalgic

Photo of Ajwain Methi Paratha (Carom & Fenugreek flavoured Indian bread)
Atta (Wheat flour) - 1/2 cup
Maida - 1/2 cup
Fresh Fenugreek leaves - 1/2 cup (Finely chopped)
Ajwain (Carom Seeds) - 1 tablespoon
Oil - 4 Tbsp + for frying
Salt - As per your taste
Green chillies - 1 tablespoon (finely chopped) - optional
Wash the fenugreek leaves with water and then keep them on a strainer to drain all the water.
Pluck the leaves and discard the stems.
Now finely chop the methi leaves and keep aside.
In a large bowl take atta and maida together. Add Ajwain, salt, chopped fenugreek leaves , 4 tablespoon of oil and finely chopped chillies.
Mix well and then by adding little water at a time to make a smooth pliable dough. You have to be careful while adding water since the fenugreek leaves has high water content plus the addition of salt with also release water
Once the dough is ready, switch on the gas and heat a flat pan
Take small portions from the dough and roll out into flat round parathas
Put them on heated pan and cook till both sides are done.
Apply some oil/ ghee on both sides and serve with Achhar and or Dahi.
You may use dry fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi) if fresh leaves are not available.