Alphanso Mango Ice Cream

The perfect mango ice cream recipes to beat the heat. And whatta way to use ripe mangoes...

photo of alphonso mango ice cream
Mango: 1big
Milkmaid(condensed milk): 1/4cup
Fresh Cream: 100gms
Sugar as needed
Cut half Mango and blend it smoothly with Milkmaid, Fresh Cream and Sugar.
Pour it in a transparent box, chop the remaining Mango to cubes and garnish on the top and mix few pieces into the mixture.
[Don't close the box with the lid instead close it with Cling Foil(Transparent Sheet) (you get in shops) ]
You can garnish even with your desired nuts smile emoticon
Enjoy after 3hours of deep freezing if you want it semi solid or after overnight freezing to get solid ice cream.
PS: You can use any type of sweet Mango.