Bahar-e- Raita

Raita is Very Important in Lunch and Dinner. Bahar-e-Raita is Made by Colourful Veggies. It will Add Charm to our Food. it is made by Curd with some Spices and Vegitables.

Dahi ( Curd) - 500 gm
Salt- To Taste
Roasted Jeera Powder- 1 T Spoon
Green Chiili Paste- 1/2 T Spoon
Ginger Paste- 1 T spoon
Chopped Onion- 1 Large
Chopped Tomato- 1 Medium
Chopped Kheera ( Cucumber)- 1 small
Garam Masala- 1 T spoon
Pudina ( Mint Leaves )- 4-5
Milk - 1/2 Cup
Take Dahi in a bowl, add milk and beat with fork for 1 min.
Add Chpped Onion, tomato, Cucumber.
Add Jeera Powder, salt , Green Chilli paste, Ginger Paste, Garam Masala and Mix well.
Add chopped Pudina Leaves For Garnishing. The Dish is ready.
Serve Cold with Rice, Chapati and Sabzi. Specially Serve with My Recipe Shahi Pulaw. Happy Cooking