Bangalir Labra Tarkari (mixed Vegetable Curry)

Again another festive dish usually prepared with Khichuri during our Pujas as Bhog(Prasad).

Potato- 250g
Pumkin- 150g
Brinjal- 200g
Cauliflower leaf- 100g
cabbage leaves-5/10 pcs
Ridge Guard (Jhinge)- 150g
Panch-phoron-half tsf
Red chilli- 2pcs
Cumin seeds & powder- half tsf
Corriander powder- half tsf
Ginger paste- half tsf
Turmeric powder-half tsf
Salt & sugar- To taste
mustarard oil- 10 table spoon
Ghee- 1tsp
water- Quarter cup(if needed)
Heat oil in a frying pan.
Add panch-phoron and red chilli.
when the seeds start crackling add all the vegetables.
Saute for five minutes.
Add all the spices and ginger paste alongwith turmeric powder,salt & sugar and mix well.
Cook for some time placing the lid.
when properly cooked spread ghee over it and serve hot with Bengali Khichuri (Khichdi){already posted}