Bengali Rasgulla

It's a traditional sweet of Bengal and it's a favourite dessert of many people including me. I got this recipe from my neighbor who is from West Bengal .

photo of bengali rasgulla
photo of bengali rasgulla
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Smita Manot's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
15 mins
Cooking Time: 
30 mins


2 litres cow milk's Cottage Cheese
1/2 kg Sugar
1 litre Water,
1/2 litre Cold Water
1 tablespoon Milk,
1 teaspoon powdered Sugar,
1 teaspoon Rose water
Mix powdered sugar with cottage cheese and knead gently with your hands. Keep aside.
Mix rest of the sugar in water and boil on the gas. On boiling add milk and remove the foam that forms.
Make small balls from the cottage cheese and put them one by one in the sugar syrup.
Cook for 5 mins without the lead. Then cover with a lid and cook for 10 mins more
The Rasgulla's will fluff up. Switch off the gas, pour cold water and keep it this way for about 3-4 hrs. Add rose water in a prepared Rasgulla's and serve