Besan Ka Ladoo (gram Flour Ladoo)

Besan ladoo is a tasty and healthy laddoo which simply melts in your mouth.

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1 cup pure Ghee
2 cups powdered Sugar
4 cups Besan(Gram flour)
Few Cashewnuts
Few Badam( Almonds)
2 Cardamom(elaichi)
Melt ghee in a kadai and add besan.
Fry on low heat till besan is turn little brown.Keep stirring till the ghee separate
Add cardamom powder and crushed Almonds. Turn the heat off and let the besan cool a little but is still warm.
Add sugar to the mixture.
Then start making round ladoos using your hands.
Place one Cashew on the top of the ladoo which will give a royal look.