Bottle Gourd (lauki) Ke Bhajiye

If you are tired of having a same old snacks,it's time to try out the different bottle gourd bhajiyas.We all enjoy having deep fried snacks so here's something that will not only taste good but also intrigue your friends who are bound to ask for this recipe.

Lauki(Bottle gourd)- 1 small (grated)
Ginger+green chillies paste- 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric Powder- 1 tsp
Gram flour- 2 tbsp
Oil to fry
Grate the bottle gourd and keep aside.Make a paste of ginger + green chillies.
Now in a bowl take the grated bottle and mix it with two tbsp gram flour.Add salt and turmeric powder to it.Mix well.
Now add ginger-green chilly paste to it and make a thick batter out of it.
Heat oil in a pan.when hot put small bhajiyas out of the batter and deep fry it.Fry in medium flame so that it is cooked from inside.
Take it out on a tissue paper and serve it hot on a serving plate with chutney or tomato sauce.
Fry bhajiyas in medium flame so that it is properly cooked from inside.