Bread Pizza

It is a yum and perfect recipe for snacks and breakfast..

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Kinjal Soni's Secret Indian Recipe !

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Very Easy

bread 4slices
2potatoes..boiled and mashed
1small onion, capsicum, tomato cut into small pieces
1cup curd
1tbspn green chili and ginger paste
2 cup sooji/rawa
salt to taste
ghee or butter to shallow fry the bread
In a bowl take boiled potatoes and all other it add curd, chilli-ginger paste and half of sooji and salt and mix well to prepare a mixture
Take a slice of bread and with the help of a spoon spread the mixture over the bread..after spreading the mixture sprinkle sooji over it..sooji holds the mixture over the bread
In a pan heat 1tbspn of butter or ghee and then put the bread over it..the side which is covered with the mixture put that 1st
After it gets brown turn the side and let the other side get brown
The delicious bread pizza is can enjoy it with tomato sauce
Alwaz add sooji inside the mixture and even at the top of mixture above holds the mixture tight