Carrot Halwa

This is my Mother-in-laws signature recipe. I loved it when i had it for the first time.Now i make it very often n love to see my hubby n kiddo having it with love...Its a very easy recipe too..

Red Carrots- 2 kg
Sugar- 1 cup
Condensed Milk- 1 tin
Milk- 1 litre
Cardamom Powder-2-3 nos
Ghee-250 Ml
Almonds Flakes- 10 nos
Pressure cook grated carrots, almond flakes and milk together until the carrot is well cooked
Mix in sugar and add ghee and cook until it gets thickned
Add condensed milk and cardamom to it
Stir continiously and Cook until it thickens well
Move it to a greased tray and serve after cooling.