Chandrakanthalu ( Sweet Lentil Cakes)

- This is a traditional sweet made in Andhra Pradesh. It is also prepared in Orissa and is known as 'Chandrakanti. '
It is crispy outside and tender inside. Often prepared during deepavali time by my grandmother.

photo of Chandrakantalu
Moong dal / Pesara pappu / Split Green gram - one Cup
Sugar - one and a half cup
Water - For soaking.
Grated coconut - one cup
Cardamom - 4,
Oil for frying,
Ghee - 1 tablespoon,
Edible Camphor – a pinch
Sesame - a teaspoon.
Soak the Split Green gram for one and a half hour. Then drain the water and grind it into a paste. You can use the drained water for the remaining process.
Take a heavy bottom pan and put it on a medium high flame.
Now prepare a sugar syrup by adding sugar, a glass of drained water. Stir it continuously till it reaches a string consistency.
Then on low heat add grated coconut, sesame, cardamom powder, moong dal paste, edible camphor. Stir well continuously with a ladle.
Cook this until a texture similar to that of halwa is formed. Note that it is not sticky.
Transfer this mix into a ghee coated plate and level it evenly. While it is hot cut it into desired shape with a knife.
Let this cool completely.
Heat Oil in a pan over medium flame and carefully fry these cut pieces till they reach golden brown.
Switch off the stove and transfer these into a serving plate.
Serve the crispy and tasty chandrakanthalu at room temperature.
Stir the mix continuously on low flame to avoid lumps formation.
Drain the water completely while grinding the paste. It should not be very smooth or very coarse.