Chat Pata Paneer ( Tangy And Spicy Cottage Cheese)

Great taste. Gives you a feeling of chat pata with no oil to cook! Healthy ,wealthy and content food for all!! And no time to prepare.....Fusion food will love it in one bite...

photo of chat pata paneer
Paneer - 100 grms
Salt to taste
Sugar - 1 tbs
Green Chilli paste -1 tbs
Pudina (mint) paste - 2 tbs
Imli paste ( Tamarind) - 1 tbs
Alluminium foil
For Pudina Paste - Make a mint or pudina paste, add chilli paste, salt, imli pulp (1 tsp) mix properly keep aside.
For Imli Paste - Mix Imli pulp ( Tamarind), sugar, salt ,chilli paste and keep aside.
Slice the Paneer slab into two pockets, fill each pocket with Imli mix ,& pudina mix separately .
Rap the Paneer slab in the silver foil .
Then steam it for 8 minutes.
Serve hot .