Chicken Chaap (chicken With Dry Gravy)

Chicken chaap a Bengali Mughlai dish, cooked with big pieces of marinated chicken with a gravy based on spicy and rich poppy seeds

photo of chicken chaap
Chicken - 1 Kg(cut into Big Pieces)
Onion Paste 1/2 cup
Ginger Garlic paste - 4 tbsp
Red Chili powder - 2tsp
Turmeric powder - 1 TSP
Salt as required
Saffron- 10 to 12 strands soaked in half cup of luke warm milk
Nutmeg powder(Jaifal) - 1/4 tsp
Mace powder (Javitri) - 1 tsp
HungCurd 1/2 cup
Blackpepper powder 1tsp
Poppy seed paste 1/2 cup
Garam masala 2 tsp
Kewda water 2 tsp mixed with half cup of water
Lime juice half tsp
Wash and clean the chicken pieces.
In a bowl take about half cup of hung curd and beat it finely to make a smooth paste Add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, mace powder, nutmeg powder, lime juice, garam masala powder, black pepper powder with the beaten curd.
Add chicken pieces in the curd mixture and coat them from all side Keep the marinated chicken to rest for about 1 and half hours in refregirator.
After 1 and half hours take out the chicken and let it come to room temperature Now take a pan and heat Ghee as required to cook.
When the Ghee becomes hot put the marinated chicken to it and cook them on medium heat Now add sugar and salt
Continue cooking until oil comes out Add poppy seed paste along with saffron infused milk.
Cook until the chicken is done Add some warm water and cook it,
At last add some more garam masala powder and kewda water Serve hot with Plain Rice, Biriyani or Parathas