Chicken Cream Tikka (starter)

This is an Indian dish and has different recipes. I have learnt it from my mother which is a pure Bohri recipe and I like this dish as it is a simple and tasty starter and my children love it very much. Cooking tip for this dish – Place it in the fridge after marinating for the batter to remain

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Zeenat Hasta's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
Half an hour
Cooking Time: 
15 min


Half kg boneless chicken, 2 tablespoon fresh cream, 2 tablespoon corn flour, half teaspoon white pepper powder (measurement can vary as per the taste), salt as per the taste, 250 gms bread crumbs, 3 to 4 eggs, oil to fry & medium size skewer
1. Cut the boneless chicken into medium size and wash properly and keep it aside for the water to get drained 2. Take a vessel and add the fresh cream, corn flour, white pepper powder & salt. Mix the ingredients to make a smooth paste. 3. Take the skewer and insert it through the chicken pieces. 3 to 4 on one skewer. 4. Place all the skewers in the batter and keep it in the fridge 5. Beat the eggs and keep a side 6. Place a vessel with oil on the burner for heating on medium gas 7. Before frying, roll each skewer in the bread crumb and then dip in the egg and then in the oil. 8. Fry till golden brown 9. Remove on a tissue for getting rid of excess oil 10. Now the Chicken Cream Tikka is ready to be served with Green Chutney or Schezwan sauce