Chicken Kadi

Chicken Kadi is a Muglai dish which is served as dinner . Its enjoyed with Paratha and Roti .

photo of chicken kadi
½ Kg Chicken
100 grams Besan masala
1 Cup coconut Milk
2 /3 Green chillies Full
1 /2 Tej Patta
2 Table Spoon Ginger Garlic paste
2 table spoon lime juice
3 table spoon Oil
1 Tea spoon Chilli power
Pinch of Tamrind
6 pieces Curry leaves.
Coriander for garnishing.
Take a vessel on the gas at slow flame . Put 3 table spoon of oil. Taje patta , long , Dalchini and 6 Curry leaves Until it turn light brown .
Then put the marinated chicken and mix it properly. As thick you want the garavy put that much amount of water
4 cups of water is approximate.
After the chicken is half cooked then put coconut milk let the chicken cooks fully.
Off the gas and put lime juice from top and put coriander leaves for garnishing.
Take a bowl and put the chicken in it . Add the Ginger Garlic paste and mix it and marinate the chicken . Keep it till ½ hour.
Making of Coconut Milk has to be done .