Choco Rava Squares

Everyone loves to eat desserts during festive seasons..and halwa is the most common indian dessert..but I have given twist to my halwa recipe and my little son loves this dessert...

photo of choco rava squares
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Jyoti Julka Sharma's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
15 min
Cooking Time: 
20 min


1 cup ghee
1/2 cup butter
4 cup milk
1 cup grated chocolate
1/2 powder sugar
1 cup samolina
Put 1 cup of ghee and butter in a heavy bottom pan.. add 1 cup of Semolina roast it nicely on slow flame. Now,add i cup of grated choclate and 1 cup of powder sugar. Mix well. Add 4 cups of milk. Keep stirring. Add roasted almonds. Pour this batter on butter grease tray.. Let it cool down.. Now cut with knife..and enjoy your yummy choco rava fudge...