Cool Cool Aam (keri) Ka Panna In Hindi कूल कूल केरी का पना

aam ka panna is made from raw mangoes. the drink is slightly sour and sweet to taste with a hint of cardamom & black salt.

large or 2 medium sized raw mangoes 2 to 3 cardamoms, crushed or powdered 4 to 5 black pepper, crushed or powdered (optional) 2 teaspoon black salt powdered jaggery or sugar - double the amount of the mango pulp... add more for more sweetness
rinse the raw mangoes in water. steam the raw mangoes in pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles till they become completely soft and pulpy. remove the peel and take out the mango pulp. mix the cardamom powder, salt and jaggery to the mango pulp. mix the ingredients or blend to make it smooth. store aam ka panna in an air tight jar or bottle. while serving aam ka panna, add 1 tbsp of the preserve to one glass of water. stir and add ice cubes. serve aam ka panna cold.