Doodh Puli Or Sweet Coconut Stuffed Dumplings

This is a traditional Bengali dish specially made during makar sankranti. My grandmother and my mom used to make this for the occasion. I learned this recipe from them. Being a true Bengali I just love to eat this.

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1 cup grated Coconut
1 cup Suji (Semolina)
1/2 cup Rice flour
2 cup Date Palm Jaggery
1/2 teaspoon Cardamom powder
Warm water - as required
1 lit milk.
Cook the grated coconut with 1 cup of jaggery to make a sticky stuffing add Cardamom powder.
Now make a dough with suji or semolina and rice flour using hot water. Make equal sized balls from the dough and with the help of your fingers flatten it and put a small spoonfull of coconut stuffing. Now seal both the edges nicely with your fingers.
Simultaneously boil milk till it is reduced to 1/2 of the original quantity.
After making all the dumplings slowly put them in the milk and cook on slow flame till the dumplings are cooked and the milk is reduced to the desired consistency. Then add the remaining jaggery and switch off the gas.
The dish is ready . Serve it hot or chilled.
Always add jaggery at last in the milk after the dumplings are cooked not before the dumplings are cooked.