Dry Fruits Ghee Ghaari

Ghaari is a traditional sweet prepared across Gujarati families duting Diwali. This is considered as richman's sweet due to high cost ingrediants like Pista, Badam (Almonds) Pure Ghee and Kesar (Saffron).

photo of dry fruits ghee ghaari #diwaliregionalrecipe
1 cup coarsely Grinded Badam (Almond)and Pista ( Pistachio)
1 cup Khova (Unsweetened Condensed Milk or Mawa)
1 cup Sugar powder
1 cup Pure Ghee
1/4 tspn Cardomom
Kesar strands (Saffron)
1 cup Maida ( All purpose flour0 for coating
In a pan put 1 tspn Ghee and add khova to it. Heat it till it becomes loose. Then turn off the gas and add dryfruits, cardamom, sugar and kesar.
In a bowl take maida and add 2tbspn ghee and required water to make a dough like parathas.
Make puris from the dough and fill them with the mixture and seal them tightly. Give then flat shape of ghari.
Deep fry the flat gharis in ghee on medium flame.
In a bowl take 1cup ghee and add 2tbspn powder sugar. Heat it and let it cool.
Soak the gharis in ghee and garnish it with nuts.