Gol Papdi

Gol Papdi is specially eaten during Winter season. A healthy dish with richness of dry fruits and crunchy flavor makes it a perfect winter dish. Usually eaten as a sweet dish but can be eaten anytime casually also during winter.

photo of gol papdi
3 Cups of Whole wheat Flour
1 ½ Cup Ghee
20 grams edible gum (Gundar)
1 ½ Cup Suji (Rawa)
½ KG Jagerry (Gol)
300 grams Mawa (Khoya)
Dry fruits : Almonds ,Pista, Graded coucount ,Chalori
Chop the dry fruits and grade the coconut before hand .
Take 3 Cups of wheat flour and mix it with 1 ½ Cup Suji (Rawa). Heat 4-5 tablespoon of ghee and saute the mixture until it turns light brown. Then take it out in a bowl .
Take a new pan and heat 1 ½ cup ghee. Add 20 grams edible gum and fry it on medium to low flame until it pops up. Take out on a plate and keep aside.
Then put jaggery in the pan and cook it on low flame it until it turns liquid. Switch off the gas and mix maawa, dry fruits, roasted gum and the whole wheat and suji mixture. Set the mixture on a greased tray.
After mixture cools down , cut out the pieces and do the garnishing with dry fruits.
It will take 10 minutes to set the mixture. Let it set properly and then serve .