Grilled/tandoori Chicken With Stuffed Chicken Keema

Grilled Stuffed Tandoori Chicken
Taste of Punjab "The land of Tandoors"

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Chicke legs cut in Tandoori style & Chicken Breast for Keema
Chana dal soaked in water-2 tbspn
Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tbspn
Red Chilly Powder,Turmeric Powder,Salt,Jeera Powder,Tandoori MasalaPowder,Garam Masala Powder
Red/Orange Food Color
Lemon Juice-1 tbspn
Green Chilies-2
Refined Oil
Chicken Keema Stuffed Tandoori Chicken Recipe 1.Marinade the Chicken Thigh Pieces(in chicken thighs hve made tandoori cuts/slits for filling Chicken Keema stuffing) with salt,red chilly powder,lemon juice(1tbspn),tandoori masala and add pinch of orange food colour. 2.Now put it in container closed with lid in refrigerator till the stuffing is prepared 3.Heat oil in pan and add finely choped onion,garlic,ginger and green chillies and stir fry till it turns golden brown in colour Now in microwave bowl put chicken breast and soaked chana dal ( chicken quantity should be more than chana dal) add salt and water then put it in microwave for 12-15 min Now using mixer grinder or handy mini chopper grind chana dal roughly(not smooth) and add it with masala in frying pan then grind the shreded chicken pieces roughly(not smooth)and add it in frying pan with masala and chana dal.Now add salt,turmeric powder,red chilly powder,jeera powder and garam masala powder and stir fry for few min till it is cooked 4.Now preheat the microwave oven and set it in Charcoal/Grill mode and put the marinated Chicken Thigh Pieces over the grill stand and microwave safe tava Here I hve set the time for 35 min for 4 Chicken Thigh Pieces in which altered the both sides of Chicken Thigh Pieces during that duration 5.Now when the Chicken Thigh Pieces are done take it out and wait till cooling and then fill the prepared Chicken Keema stuffing in between the tandoori cuts/slits.Grill for 5 min 6.Now grease a nonstick pan with refined oil (grease it by pastry brush so that only few drops of oil is used)and put the filled Chicken Thigh Pieces in it for the Tandoor Effect serve hot with green chutney