Homemade Venna/ Makkhan/ Butter

Venna/Makkhan/Butter is considered to be "An all-time favourite Naivedhyam of Lord Krishna."
Here's the recipe of homemade Butter on the occasion of "Janmashtami."
The recipe mentioned here is an easy method to prepare at home.

1 litre Milk (With Fat content)
2 teaspoon Curd
10-15 Icecubes.
Boil Milk on a low flame. Once boiled allow it to attain room temperature.
Refrigerate it for one day. After a day, separate the cream and store it in the refrigerator.
Repeat the process for 4 to 5 days to collect required cream from the milk.
On the fifth day, pour a cup of warm milk to it. Then add curd to it. Mix this well. Allow it to ferment for 10 hours.
After fermentation,churn it well.
Now add ice cubes to it and churn again.
Then separate the butter from it and transfer the butter/makkhan into a bowl with cool water.
Ready to be offered as Naivedhyam to the deity :) .