Instant Mawa Peda Recipe |झटपट बनाये मावा के पेड़े | Mawa Peda Recipe In Hindi |rose Mawa Peda Recipe

You sure know the taste of mawa peda but if coconut powder with rose petals are added in it then it becoming extremely delicious in taste...Try this recipe for sure. झटपट बनाये मावा के पेड़े | रोज नारियल पेड़ा | रोज मावा के पेड़े झटपट बनाये मावा के पेड़े| Instant Mawa Peda

1) MAWA - 1 cup ( 200 gm - grated ) 2) SUGAR POWDER - 3/4 cup 3) ROSE PETALS - 1 cup chopped 4) GHEE - 1/2 tbsp 5) COCONUT POWDER - 1 cup
Put a pan on gas with high flame and ghee. When ghee is hot then bring down gas to medium flame. Add rose petsal and roast them till they become darker in colour. Roast them 2-3 minutes so that their raw fragrance is removed. Turn off gas and take them out in a plate. Put same pan on gas with low flame and add mawa. Roast it for 2 minutes. After that ghee will start separating then add sugar powder.Mix them well. After 1 minute add coconut powder and chopped rose petals. You can add rose essence also if want good fragrance of rose. When mixture is formed in lumps and ghee starts separating from it then it is ready with required consistency. Turn off gas and take out mixture in plate. Let it to cool down to room temperature. After proper cooled down, take small lump in hand and roll it . Press little and half insert finger at center to form cavity . Peda is ready ..put in a plate. prepare all peda in same way. We can make 13 peda with these ingredients. Delicious Rose Coconut Peda is ready and enjoy it...
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