Kacche Kele Ka Kofta(raw Banana Kofta)

Raw banana is a good source of Iron and hence its consumption is a boon for women. However the consumption of raw banana in curry is very limited. Here is a recipe which is easily made and at the same time tastes so good that you can offer it to your guests also.

Kache kele ke kofte (Raw Banana dish)
Kache kele ke kofte (Raw Banana dish)
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Sapna Shaw's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
15 mintues
Cooking Time: 
35 mintues


(For kofta)
Raw banana 2 pieces(boiled and peeled)
Potatoes 25 grams(boiled and peeled)
Cumin powder ½ tablespoon
Red chilli powder ½ tablespoon
Nuts (cashew and raisins) 2 tablespoon
Salt ½ tablespoon
Refined oil 10 miligram
( For the Gravy)
Onion Paste 1 onion
Ginger- garlic paste 1 tablespoon
Cumin powder ½ tablespoon
Red chilli powder ½ tablespoon
Garam masala ½ tablespoon
Salt ½ tablespoon
Cashew paste 2 tablespoon
In a bowl mash banana and potatoes together. Add cumin powder, red chilli powder, Salt and nuts. Mix well and make small koftas (balls with flatten surface). In a pan or karahi pour the oil and shallow fry the koftas till they become golden brown.
For gravy put onion paste and ginger- garlic paste in the remaining oil and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add the cumin powder, red chilli powder and cashew paste.
Fry till the masala leaves the oil. Add salt and garam masala and ½ cup of water . Let the gravy boil and thicken. Take it down and pour the gravy in a bowl, place the koftas in it and serve.
The koftas are also yummy as appetizers.