Kairi Curry ( Unripe Mango Curry)

This is an Innovative and Quick Recipe. Love its Sweet and Sour Taste.

Kairi ( Unripe Mango)- 5-6 Medium
Jeera ( Cumin Seeds)- 2 T spoon
1 T spoon Musturd seeds ( Sarson)
Black Peeper - 10-12
Bdi Elaichi ( Black Cardamom) - 2-3
Loung ( Cloves) - 5-6
Curry Leaves- 3-4
Dry Red Chilli- 1-2
1/2 T SpoonTurmeric powder
Red Chilly Powder 1/2 T Spoon
Gur ( Jaggery)- 3-4 T Spoon
Heeng ( Asafoetida) - 1/4 T Spoon
2 Spoon Refined Oil
Salt to Taste
Wash Mangoes. add them into salted Boiling Water for 30 min. The mangoes Colour will change from Green to Light Green.
Remove from water. Squeeze the Juice and Pulp in a bowl from the External Part.
Heat Oil in Non Stick Pan. Add Jeera, Sarson seeds, Black Pepper, Bdi Elaici, Loung, Curry Leaves, Dry red Chilli. Cook for 1 min.
Pour Mango Juice and Pulp in the Pan.
Add Salt, Haldi, Heeng, Gur, Red Chilli Powder. Add water if Required to make Curry like Consistancy.
Cook for a boil. Serve hot or Cold.
It can Serve Hot or Cold with Rice or Anything you Like. Happy Cooking.