Karamani Vadai

Cowpeas can keep our cholesterol level remarkably low. It is an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber and protein, which play significant role in decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol present in the plasma of our blood. They also contain steroid compounds called phytosterols. These are very effective in maintaining the standard cholesterol levels in our body.
Controls Blood Cholesterol
Removes Free Radicals
Good for diabetic patients
Treats Cardiovascular Ailments
Keeps Fatal Diseases Away
Cures Urination & Bowel Related Conditions
Good for Weight Loss

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Mahalakshmi L's Secret Indian Recipe !

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Very Easy

Karamani Vadai
1.Soak black eyed karamani for min 3 hrs. 2.Drain the water filter out the karamani and grind them courselywith Red chilli, ginger, salt to a fine paste in a mixer with no water. 3.To this mixture add finely chopped onions, Anise(Sombu), coriander,curry and mint leaves and mix well. 4.Heat oil in kadai and make vadas and deep fry in hot oil. Put the flame to medium while it gets cooked. 5. Flip and Fry until golden colour and drain out from oil.
When you grind them in the mixture take care that you grind them coursely. Good for Weight Loss and Controls Blood Cholesterol,good for diabetics.