Katla Fish Kabab

Its a non-veg, Bengali preparation with a fusion of north Indian Kababs. Its a unique preparation with Katla fish.

photo of katla fish kabab
Boiled boneless Katla (or any fish) fish- 500 gm
Rosted onion paste - 3 table spoon
Rosted ginger garlic paste - 2 spoon
Chopped green chilli & coriander leaves
Boiled potato - 2 small
Garam masala a pinch
Salt to taste
Mix the boiled fish and spices and make a smooth mixture.
Keep it in a container and make a space in the center of the container for the smoke bowl. (A bowl half of Desi Ghee and burnt charcoal to make the smoke bowl), which will be placed in the center of the container. And cover it with a lid for half an hour.
Heat a non stick tawa on midium heat and drizzle few drops of oil over it.
Now take out the smokey mixture & shape into kababs. Fry till it golden brown on all sides.
Remove it on a kitchen paper to remove excess oil and then serve it with green chatni.