Kerala Style Katti Parippu Curry (daal Curry)

Katti parippu or daal curry is also a traditional Kerala recipe usually seen in sadhyas. Sadhaya will be incomplete without kattiparippu.

Katti parippu curry or daal curry
Daal -100 grams
Green chilli -4 nos.
Turmeric powder -2 pinch
Curry leaves-2 sprig
Oil - 2 tablespoon
Grated coconut -1/2 cup
Cumin -1 pinch
Salt -as you need
Water -1 cup
Place a pressure cooker on the stove and switch on the stove.
Cook daal, turmeric powder, salt, green chilli, curry leaves and water in the pressure cooker for about 10 minutes.
Grind grated coconut and cumin to make a smooth paste.
To the already cooked daal, add this paste and bring to boil.
Then turn off the flame and pour oil above it.
Serve hot
Katti parippu curry goes best with pappadam and ghee.
Either you can use pigeon pea (Toor daal or thuvaraparippu) or green gram lentil (Munga bean lentils or cherupayar parippu) for making this recipe.