Khanpuria (condensed Milk And Nuts Stuffed Indian Sweet Dish)

Khanpuria is North Indian sweet dish recipe which is usually made during weddings and is distributed among relatives of bride and groom as a token of blessings for the newly wed. A smaller version of it is called ‘ Gujiya’ and is prepared during ‘ Holi’ in North India. The recipe has a khoya, nuts and sooji stuffing inside a thin crust of maida.

(For stuffing)
Khoya (Condensed milk) – 250 grams
Sooji (Semolina) – 1 cup
Nuts (cashew, almond, raisins, dry coconut) – 2 cups
Sugar – ½ cup
Ghee – 5-6 tablespoon
(For the puri or outer covering)
Maida (Refined flour) – 2 cups
Refined oil – for frying
Water – to make the dough.
Chop the cashew, almond and dry coconut into small pieces.
Heat 2 tablespoon of ghee in a wide pan. Fry the chopped nuts on low heat for a minute. Take them out and keep aside. Mix raisins.
Pour the remaining ghee and fry the sooji till it turns light brown. Now add fried nuts, khoya and sugar and mix well. Saute for a minute and then switch off the gas. Let it cool.
To make puri, Take maida in a bowl and add 5-6 tablespoon of oil. Mix well.
Now add required quantity of water and make a stiff dough. Take small portions from the dough and roll out small puries (Small rounded chappati).
Take one puri on a plate and keep a spoon full of khoya and sooji mixture at the centre. Cover it with another puri and stick the circumference with water. Then fold the sides inward to avoid leakage.
Heat oil in a pan and fry the khanpuri till both sides turn light brown.
Serve hot.
Khanpuri can be stored in airtight containers for two weeks.
Before serving put it ina microwave or heat on tave.
In few places soonth(dry ginger) is added along with khoya and sooji mixture to enhance the taste.