This is a salad. This requires minimal cooking. It is specially for summers & very light on the tummy.It is rich in proteins . It is a must in feasts as well.This is my mother's most famous recipe .She makes it in a jiffy, apart from the soaking time. And it can be eaten any time whenever hunger strikes !

This is my entry for the Mother's day Special Recipe contest !

photo of Kosambari
1/3 cup Mung dal or split mung ( soaked for 2-3 hours in water ) ,
1 small Cucumber grated ( 1/4 cup grated cucumber )
1 small Carrot grated ( 1/4 cup ) This is optional.
1 tbsp grated raw Mango
1 green Chilli finely chopped
8-10 Curry leaves
1 Byadgi Red chilli ( dry red chilli of Byadgi variety )
1/4 tsp Mustard seeds or rai
1/4 tsp Jeera ( Cumin)
1/4 tsp Hing
1 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
1 tbsp fresh grated Coconut ( optional )
1 tbsp hara Dhania ( Coriander Leaves)
Take the soaked mung dal & discard the water. Add grated carrot,cucumber & mango to it.
Add green chillies & salt.
Make vagar (Tempering) by heating oil. Add mustard to heated oil. After they splutter add byadgi mirchi ,curry leaves & jeera. Add hing . Put off gas. Pour this vagar over the mung dal veggie mix. Kosambri is ready !
Garnish with fresh grated coconut topped with hara dhania. This is generally served as Haldi kumkum snack in households in Karnataka & Maharashtra & parts of Goa. It is known as koshimbir in Maharashtra & Goa.