Macchi Hariwale Kabab (fish Kabab)

Tasty fish kabab recipe.

photo of macchi harewali kabab ( Fish kabab with Coriander Marinade)
Bhetki (Asian Seabass) king fish fillet 300 gm cut in square shape,
Lime juice 1/3 cup,
Coriander (dhaniwa ) paste ½ cup adding very little amount of water while making paste,
Mint (pudina) paste 2tbsp,
Green chilli paste - 2 Chilies
Poppy seeds paste 2 tbsp,
Fresh cream ½ cup,
Kabab masala 1 tbsp,
Salt to taste
Coriander seeds (dhaniwa ) 1 tbsp, Cumin ( jeera ) seeds 1 tsp, Sha jeera 1 tsp, Poppy seeds 1 tsp, Green cardamom 4, Cinnamon stick 1,Cloves 4/5,Mace 4, Nutmeg ¼, Dried rose petals 1 tbsp.
PROCESS FOR KABAB MASALA Roast all the ingredients & grind.
PROCESS FOR MACCHI HAREWALI KABAB Marinated the fish fillets with all ingredients
. Put in grill pan of microwave oven or O.T.G.
. Grill for 10 minutes, 200 degree c
. You can also prepare this dish in gas oven, in that case, heat a pan, add 1tbsp of oil and roast the fish fillets in both sides.