Malabar Spinach Fritters

An easy to prepare and delicious snack which you can serve with evening tea. It can be served as an after school snack for the kids also.

photo of malabar spinach fritters
photo of malabar spinach fritters
Malabar Spinach – 12 to 15 (as required)
Besan/ Bengal gram flour – 1 cup
Oil- to fry
Salt – to taste
Chili powder – 1/2 teaspoon (for taste)
Take a shallow dish, add besan/ bengal gram flour, salt and chili powder. Prepare a thinner batter than that of the dosa consistency.
Heat oil in a pan over a low to medium flame. Dip the leaves in the batter. Evenly coat the batter onto the malabar leaves on both the sides.
Fry the malabar spinach leaves in the hot oil on a medium flame.
Once they turn crisp and golden in color. Transfer the fritters into a serving plate.
Sprinkle a pinch of salt to the hot oil to prevent spluttering.