Mango Fruit Juice

I like this recipe becoz I love mango, this recipe belongs to my mom she is good cook and her recipes are excellent and traditional, I am sharing mango juicy frooti recipe which remind me my childhood days

photo of my mango recipe
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Jaya v oza's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
30 min
Cooking Time: 

Very Easy

2 good quality Ripe Mangoes
1 good quality Raw Mango
1cup Sugar
1cup Water
Some pieces of Ice
Peel the ripe and raw mangoes separately.
After peeling skin we will pressure cook both Ripe mangoes and raw mango together till 3to 4 vessel.
Take a panand add sugar and water together. Boil it to make a thick sugar syrup. Let it cool.
Mash boiled mangoes in a food processer to get mango pulp.
Now mix mango pulp and sugar syrup properly, and will store in glass jar. Mango fruit juice is ready.
Take 1 serving glass pour some our mango fruit juice add some ice cube and chilled water. Stir with spoon and serve it chilled.
When you pressure cook ripe mangoes and raw mango add 2 cups of water.