Mango Pickle

Spicy Mango pickle

Raw mango 3kg, red chili 70 no, fenugreek seeds 1 tsp, hing 1 tbsp, gingely oil 1 cup, reqiured salt
first cut the mango in small pieces, then add salt and mix it well. keep it aside for one day. the next day drain the water and spread the mango pieces in sun light for two days. keep it in the water in air tight container. after two days mangoes will shrink in size. then heat a small pan. dry roast the hing and fenugreek seeds. then grind it in a powder along with red chili. then a heat a big vessel with oil. once oil heats add mustard seeds. then add mango pieces.mix it well. then add ground powder and that remain saltwater. mix it well. let it boil. after 5 min. switch off the flame. cool down to room temperature. then keep it in the air tight bottle.