Mango Rolls

Mango Rolls are my innovation for fasting recipe..I was Left with some sweet samak rice/moriyo ..And some Alphonso so got idea to make Rolls..

photo of mango rolls
2 tbsp samak/moriyo rice
1/2 cup full fat Milk
1 pinch Cardamom powder
1 Alphonso peeled with peeler and peel in thin slices
For garnish sliced Strawberry
2 tbsp Sugar
Mint leaves to garnish
Wash samo rice ..In a pan add milk, sugar, samo rice and cook it ..When it is cooked properly, add cardamom powder..Mix well..If mixture seems dry add little milk.... Switch off the flame..Keep it out on plate..Let it cool..
Peel the mango ..Peel thin slices of mango with peeler ..Now take samo rice mixture, fill it carefully in mango slices..Roll it care fully
Garnish it with sliced strawberry and mint leaves..Serve it..
Sugar can be adjusted as per taste...
Add little more milk if mixture seems dry..
For this recipe I used 2 tbsp samo rice.You can vary the quantity as per your requirement.