Mango Strawberry Parfait Tart #mangorecipes

Mango Strawberry Parfait Tart
Tarts are the European desserts served with either yogurt, whip cream and or fruits nuts
This mango tart is filled with chocolate cake at bottom, and garnished with mango, yogurt and strawberry

photo of mango strawberry parfait tart #mangorecipes
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suhagi dave's Secret Indian Recipe !

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Very Easy

1 Ripe mango
3-4 strawberries
1 cup yogurt or fresh cream
1 tbspn powder sugar or Honey
For Tart : 1 cup Maida + 2 tbspn Butter + salt + Water
Crumbled chocalate cake for base
In a bowl mix the flour and butter along with water to form a soft dough and roll it to a big roti. Then seal it to the Tart mould.
Bake the tart base in oven at 180C for about 15 min till it turns slight brown
In anther bowl , mix the yogurt, cut mangoes and strawberries and sugar along with honey to form a filling
Plate the dish by adding the crumbled cake at bottom and then top it with the filling mixture of yogurt and mango + Strawberry in the tart base