Mat Gujiya Festival Special .

Crispy and flaky traditional Gujiya recipe is rich and delicious in taste. Packed with goodness of desiccated coconut,Dry Milk Solid and dry nuts, its a perfect sweet for any Indian festival. 
Making a twist by changing outer shape Half moon to Mat.
Showing this video recipe.

All purpose flour
Sugar ,
Saffron & Saffron colour
Dry fruits
In a bowl take 1 Cup All purpose flour & add 2tea spoons semolina & 2 spoons ghee add some water & knead the dough .rest for 15 minutes . Stuffing ... Rosted Milk solid , rosted coconut , cardamom powder , powder sugar mix together . Dough to be roll & cuts in 4*6 inch size put the stuffing cover from four side . Fry in hot oil or ghee . Boil 3cup of water in a pot add 1 cup sugar make sugar syrup & add deep fried gujya deep for a minute than served.