Mathri (flaky Poori Snack)

Mathri is a Gujarati snack. We make it during Diwali and this is given to all guests who visit

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Deepti Rawal's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 Mins
Cooking Time: 
30 Mins


Maida 1 cup
Whole wheat flour 1/2 cup
Suji or Rawa 1/4th Cup
Ajwain 1 Tsp
Black pepper coarsely ground 1/4th tsp
Salt to taste
Hot Oil 4tbsp
Room Temperature or cold Water for kneading
Oil for deep frying
Mix maida, whole wheat flour and Rawa
Add Ajwain, black pepper and salt to taste
Now add hot oil and mix everything well
Using fingers incorporate well. Form like a crumbly consistency
Now while adding little water at a time knead into a tight stiff dough
Keep aside to rest for 10mins
Heat oil for deep frying
Not take a small round portion of the dough and using a rolling pin roll out into a thick round shape. Poke with fork to create small holes. This helps the mathri to not rise and remain flat and crisp
Deep fry the mathris on medium heat till golden brown
To make the process faster and have even rounds and smooth edges. What I do, is make a big flat round using rolling pin and using a cookie cutter cut our roundels and deep fry
Serve Mathris with tea
The difference between mathri and papdi is that mathris are slightly thicker and flakier. Where as papdis are thin and crisp