Meethey Gulgule Or Pua ( Sweet Jaggery Dumplings)

Gulgule Pua or Sweet Pua Recipe is a very popular dish in western Uttar Pradesh, specially during Diwali Puja or religious rites.
Mal Pua is a bit flat, Gulgule Pua is in the shape of a Pakoda. If you have a sweet tooth then you will surely like these sweet Gulglue Puas. In our home (MEERUT) we make them for Diwali

photo of meethey gulgule ##diwaliregionalrecipe
Wheat flour - 200 grams ( 1 cup)
Sugar/Gur - 80 grams ( less than 1/2 cup)
Melon seeds 1 tbsp
Fennel (saunf)1tsp
Dessicated Coconut-1tbsps
Milk/Water -1 cup
Oil or Ghee to fry.
Sieve flour in a utensil using a strainer.
Put sugar in milk/water and dissolve it, dissolve flour in this sweet milk/water without any lumps.
The consistency for Pua has to be thick like the one used for Pakoda.
Cover the mix for 10 minutes allowing the flour to ferment. Now beat this mix properly and add melon seeds, fennel(saunf) and dessicated coconut in it and mix.
Pour oil in a pan(kadhai) and heat. When oil is sufficiently heated then take little amounts of batter at a time and put it in hot oil. Fry till golden brown.
In this manner take batter in your hands again and put 5-6 or as many in proportion to the oil, in the pan.
Serve hot.
Fry Puas on a medium flame till they turn red then take Serve steaming hot or cold Gulgule Pua
For a change you can mash 1-2 ripe, sweet bananas and put them in the mixture. This will give a unique flavor to your Pua.