Mixed Flour Roti

Mixed Flour Roti or Rice-Maida-Wheat Roti has health benefits for all. You can serve this for breakfast or for lunch or dinner depending on your choice. Easy to prepare and has differnet taste compared to regular roti

Mixed Flour Roti
• Rice Flour – 1cup
• Wheat Flour – 1cup
• Maida – 1cup
• Water – 1 ½ cup
• Salt
• Boil water and salt.
• Switch off the flame. Add all the 3 flours to hot water and mix well.
• Prepare dough similar to Chapathi dough.
• Make balls of dough for further processing.
• Roll the ball to Chapathi dusting with rice flour.
• Roast the Roti on hot tawa on both sides.
• Serve Hot roti with Aakku Koora Pappu or Pindimiriyam